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domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Jack and Rose History

Today I watch the movie Titanic, of the writer and director James Cameron, for the umpteenth time. But there are works that every time that we review things and discover new sensations. The story of the protagonists Jack and Rose is fantastic, something romantic movie. But despite "movie seems to be something" in the world there are many Jacks and Roses and many among them I found my story with Geraldo.

In the movie Jack is a player, an adventurer who on day of departure of the ship Titanic, newly built, wins a ticket through a game of luck. On the boat Jack meets Rose, engaged to a millionaire, full of quirks, but with a heart full of emotions and concerns. During the film Jack and Rose discover each other and fall in love bringing the scenes of the film a magical, unforgettable one. During the film in disdain to the onslaughts of an arrogant and ambitious mother and her snobby boyfriend Jack Rose discovers through a free, exciting and realizes that what can bring her happiness is not the money that your boyfriend can provide you. Jack Rose presents a young man full of dreams, smart, and a pure heart and the scene of the Titanic they live a great passion.

At the end of the movie Titanic sinks after hitting an iceberg and Rose and Jack end up trying to save each other amid cries, despair and injustice explained by director James Cameron in the final scenes. Jack dies, Rose survives, thanks to the dedication and love Jack but his own spirit of survivors.

Ah! that word reminds me of so many things ... SURVIVOR. Well, that will be subject to other accounts, who knows.

The fact is that the eyes of Jack and Rose to meet every time I forwarded my story with Geraldo. Jack and Rose first met at the bow of the ship and after that time is not desgrudaram, "something" happened that united their hearts.

Geraldo and I met "in fact" the feast of St. Anthony, June 12 in Campo Formoso, Bahia State, Brazil, and no longer in desgrudamos. Even before that Geraldo had already seen and felt my desire to meet me that day 12 brought us an extraordinary magic.

We know that life is full of meetings, encounters good and bad encounters. The philosopher Spinoza says that the bad encounters diminish our power to act and increase the good (I feel that after June 12 my power to act has increased significantly ... rsrsrsr). But the question is: what happens when two people meet and their hearts are too? What makes someone suddenly reveal to the world the beauty of another person without charges or selfish ambitions?

Well, know that I have read in the eyes of Jack and Rose our own eyes, Geraldo and every day and I realize how truly love beautiful, idyllic love, good love is possible, although there have long since discredited. I never thought to hear nice words and receive kind gestures without having done it before. I never thought anyone could sincerely appreciate others and see the other person all the glitz, all the beauty that anyone has ever been able to see.

I think Jack and Rose brought me a new day. Made me remember that I have in my home all that is most wonderful and important and that despite the day-to-day, that despite the differences and obstacles there is "something" that is superior to all this. And this is just something that makes "all" worth it.

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